Your Scoot-E-Bike will be in a box weighing approximately 50 lbs.

There are two components that need to be assembled with the Scoot-E-Bike in order to ride; the front wheel and the pedals. This will take you no more than 10 minutes and all tools are included in your shipment.

A charger comes with each unit and it plugs into a normal 110 wall socket. From zero battery to full charge it will take approximately 4 hours.

Check with your local transportation for all rules and regulations. In BC, where Scoot-E-Bike headquarters is, you are able to ride in the bike lanes so long as you are over 16 years old and are wearing an approved helmet.

Yes, the Scoot-E-Bike is durable and can be used in less than ideal weather conditions but you must exercise caution as you would riding a bike or any other motorized product in wet conditions.

We recommend always wearing a helmet for safety but check local government requirements in your area.

Once again, always check with your local transportation authority for all rules and regulations, but in most parts of North America, Scoot-E-Bike is classified as an E-Bike and does not require a license plate or a driver’s license to operate.

It won’t, you must be pedaling first before you can use the power throttle assist.

If you have any issues with wheels, tires or brakes, we recommend taking it in to your local e-bike retailer for repair.  If your unit has any issue with its onboard computer or you require any replacement parts, we would like to hear from you at [email protected].